The Sentence Structure

The Sentence Structure

Word order in English sentences:

verb + object

Jill reads a newspaper every day

subject verb object

The verb (reads) and the object (a newspaper) are usually together:

- Jill reads a newspaper every day. (not ‘Jill reads every day a newspaper.’)

subject verb +object
You speak English very well.
I watched television all evening.
We invented a lot of people to the party.
My brother phoned the police immediately.

— I like Italianfood very much. (not ‘I like very much Italian food.’)

— Ann borrowed some money from the bank. (not ‘Ann borrowed from the bank some money.’)

— I opened the door very quietly. (not ‘I The Sentence Structure opened very quietly the door.’)

— George usually wears a black hat.(not ‘George wears usually a black hat.’)

— Why do you always makethe same mistake? (not ‘Why do you make always the same mistake?’)

— place and time

Place (where?) time (when? how long? how often?)
George walks to work every morning
We arrived at the airport at 7 o’clock.
Are you going to the party tonight?
They’ve lived in the same house for 20 years.
I usually go to bed early.

place is usually before time:

— They go to school every day.(not ‘They go every day to school.’)

— I went The Sentence Structure to the bank yesterday afternoon.(not ‘I went yesterday afternoon to the bank.’)

— Jack’s brother has been in hospital since June.(not ‘...since June in hospital.’)

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